OOTB3, 060814, CHOOSE

OOTB3, 060814, CHOOSE

                At the end of the book of the Bible called Joshua, he is making his farewell address to the people, God’s chosen people, after he has spent his whole life trusting God and putting up with some pretty stubborn people.  He says, among other things, “Choose this day who you’re going to serve .   .   . as for me and my house, we are going to serve the Lord.”7

                God created us to have a close, personal, eternal relationship with Him.  In the beginning He created us to enjoy Him and His Presence forever, and He provided all the necessary ingredients for us to do just that.  The first thing we must do, to draw near to God, is choose Him this day. 

                To start a relationship with God, you don’t have to believe everything in the Bible, or be perfect or sinless, or go to the jungle or the desert on a pilgrimage.  You just have to want to draw near to Him, to choose to draw near to Him.  Then in some supernatural way, once you choose, He gets things moving.  You couldn’t do anything to get things moving even if you tried, apart from choosing.

                Before the foundations of the earth, God picked you out to be His, He chose you.8   And He gave you the right, as a choice of your own will, to choose to be His.  He also gave you the right to choose not to be His.  God doesn’t want robots to worship Him; He wants people who choose to be His friends, not those who are forced.  

                So the first tool for drawing near to God is your personal will.  You get to choose.  And you get to make this choice every day, about whether you are going to follow God, to offer yourself to God, to be His.  So choose this day who you will serve.



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