OOTB6, 061114, Daily Quiet Time 2:

The best times I have getting to know God better are the times I’ve taken the time to

1]   Read the Bible and a devotional and let it soak in a little;

2]  Read the prayer requests that I have received and think them over; both about the physical needs requested and about the spiritual needs that are represented by those requests; and then

3] Kneel before God; tell Him how much I want Him and how much I need Him in my life; about how thankful I am that He loves me and is taking care of me; about how much I love Him and how much I want to be more like Him and less like me, how I want to die to myself so He can live His life in me; and then I

4] wait; (and while I’m waiting),

5] I try to think about the needs in the prayer requests and how they relate to the Bible reading and the devotional, and vice versa.  I am truly astounded at how God speaks to me and helps me focus on the issues that are most important, and understand and discern a] the meaning of His message(s), b] exactly what to pray for; and c] what He wants me to do about the prayer requests.  And in the process I develop a better, closer, more intimate relationship with God.   When I think about the morning quiet time in that way, I’m astounded at the things that God tells me, and the sense of God’s Presence I feel. 

            This must be what Mother Teresa was talking about when she had an interview with a reporter who asked about her prayer life.  He inquired, “You must pray a lot.  What do you say when you pray?”  She said, “I don’t say much, mostly just listen.”  He said, “Well, if you mostly just listen, what does God say?”  She replied, “He doesn’t say much, He mostly just listens.” The confused reporter asked, “If nobody is talking, what is the point of praying?” Mother Teresa calmly indulged him, “If you don’t understand, I’m not sure I could explain it to you.”

What do you think?  .   .   . What do you do?  Do you deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus?  What do you do to show God how you feel about Him?



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