BLOG 17: 061014: It’s about a Person, not about a method:

Truly living is about having a relationship with the Person, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.  It’s not about a method; whether the method is ‘abiding by the law’ as in the Jewish tradition (even as practiced in many denominations of the Christian faith); or a method such as ‘Transcendental Meditation” as practiced in the Buddhist tradition.

Why?  If you are depending on a method (something you do) to ‘get you to heaven’, or ‘reconcile yourself to God’, or ‘make yourself righteous’ so that God will like you, in the end YOU are the one DOING it, so God will love you (or like you) and bless you; but since you are imperfect, you will never ultimately achieve happiness.  If you practice meditation in the Eastern tradition, you never quite achieve oneness with the universal being, because you have relied on yourself to get there, and you never really develop a personal relationship with the One True God.

On the other hand, if you totally surrender to, and trust in Jesus, the One True God, you are able to rest, and you can have true peace, because you’re no longer depending on yourself, who, you know better than anyone, you are undependable; and you are depending on God, the Creator of the Universe, who sends His Own Personal Spirit to dwell in your heart.  THEN you can have rest and peace.  Methods don’t bring rest and peace; methods don’t bring sweetness and light and good will among men; God does.


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