How much does God love us? 090514

          John 3:16 is just a direct confirmation of all God shows us in the Old Testament about His love.  The way I read the verse, and the parts of the Bible which support this verse (which is most of it), God loved the world, the people in world so much, that He came down to the earth in the body of a man, in the person of Jesus, and sacrificed Himself so that His blood would pay the penalty for the sin (separation from God) for all of us. Somewhere else it says, “And if God loved us enough to give His own Son, won’t He also give us all things?”  That’s how much. 

What do you think . . .What do you do? 

1] How many ways does God show his love for us?  Name as many as you can.

2] How many ways do you show your love for God?


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