God’s Servant.021015

In 2 Timothy 2: 24-26, Paul says to Timothy, (Tex’s paraphrase)  “God’s servant must not argue, but be gentle, ready and able to teach, patient (as in ‘love suffers long’), humbly teaching those who oppose him; maybe God will let them see and accept the truth, so they can escape the trap of the devil, and stop doing his will.”

Do you feel the love in this verse?  It follows the “Love Chapter” I Corinthians 13. ‘Don’t argue with them’; that’s the part about not demanding your own way.  ‘Gentle’; that’s all about being kind, not irritable or grouchy, not boastful or proud or rude.  ‘Ready and able to teach’; loving enough to put up with them ‘not getting it’; to continue telling them the truth.  ‘Humbly’– when they say something mean and tacky, you don’t have to gig ‘em back; because the Spirit in you can believe the best for them, hope the best for them, and never give up praying for them.

This works; even for little kids and teenagers (LOL!); sometimes even for old people who never really grew up.  ‘Course the whole point is that you can do these things only when your heart is totally surrendered to God, so that it is not you that’s doing anything, but God’s Holy Spirit, Who is pouring through you, leading you and them into all truth.


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