Small Callings for God. 022015

In reference to Oswald Chambers devotional of Sept 29, about Paul saying in 1 Corinthians 9:16, that he is compelled to preach the Gospel, I have also felt the desire to preach, but I have felt that it was me and not God’s Spirit, calling me to preach.  Like me wanting to get praises and glory for me, rather than for God.

And I’ve been at a loss to explain why I would have been ordained as a minister of the Gospel under the circumstances I was, and then not be driven, compelled to start a church, or start to preach, instead of just being called to pray and talk to a relatively few people on an individual or very small group basis.  But I do feel called (compelled) to pray and talk to a few at a time about Jesus.  (even though praying and sharing our stories about Jesus are for everybody)

That kind of “small” calling is not treated often in the literature, but it is in the Bible.  And Paul preached, sometimes to large groups, but usually to small ones (probably not as small as the groups I talk to, LOL)  see 1 Corinthians 1:25-31.  I am surrounded by people who are involved in “small callings” and I am convinced ( the Spirit speaks to my heart) God uses the small things of this world to overcome the mighty, and this is the way God touches peoples’ lives, more often than not.


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