Handsome man playing guitar. Close-up of young man playing acoustic guitar while sitting in front of the window

Been stressed lately.  My main source of income dried up.  Had way too much to do and not enough time to do it all.  Not getting enough rest.  Not enough exercise. Heck, I don’t even have time to talk to my one kid still at home.  He’s too busy too.  Long days and short nights.  Need a little relief.  What can I do?

Well, I can think a little about God.  Max (Lucado) says, “When you’re down, think of all God has done.”  Oswald (Chambers) says, “We think everything should be turned into useful teaching.  In fact, it is to be turned into something better: character.” Charles (Stanley) says, “When you need help, thank God for all He’s done.”  Alistair (Begg) says, “All God has done for us should be saved and remembered, to bring honor and glory to Him.” Wow!

And I can pray and tell God I love Him.  I really do thank Him for things He’s done for me, both long ago and in the last few days.  I’m thinking about how I could use a little relief; a little peace and quiet; a little rest.  I remember that the key to peace and rest is in trusting God and relying on His mercy, and I remember how often in the past God has taken care of me when I really needed Him.  Wow!  Then all of a sudden the words of this song just popped into my head;

“When you’re down and troubled,     And you need a helping hand, And nothing no nothing is going right, just pull yourself together, And call my name out loud,  and soon I’ll be knocking upon your door, You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I’ll come runnin’ to see you again.  Winter Spring Summer of Fall, all you gotta do is call, and I’ll be there, yes yes I will, You’ve got a Friend. (compliments to James Taylor)

I don’t know who James was thinking about when he wrote that song, but every time that song goes off in my head, I’m immediately thinking about Jesus.



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