PRACTICING CHRISTIAN 7: Daily Quiet Time, Part 2.Devotional.102715

Surprised woman using laptop in parkI started reading the Bible pretty regularly fairly early in my life (maybe age 35-40) It was quite a bit later when I started reading a devotional every day.  In fact it was in 2000, after I went on a “Walk to Emmaus”, in my weekly ‘Reunion Group’ they would start their meetings by reading that day’s devotional from My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers.  Someone gave me a copy, and I started reading it (every day).  I’d write down what it meant to me.  Then I’d compare my daily Bible verse from my list with Oswald’s point(s), and I’d try to figure out what God was trying to say to me from those two sources, taken together.  I got some amazing revelations from Him in those little sessions.  I’m still doing that, 15 years later.  But now I’ve started including two or three additional daily devotionals from various writers, like Brennan Manning, or Charles Stanley, or Max Lucado, or Alistair Begg, all of whom I respect as committed men of God.  In my journal I write down the most important point from each one’s post for that day, and then compare them to see how they fit together.   Again, major revelations appear from those short readings and comparisons.  There’s a wealth of material at our finger-tips if we just stop, read and listen for God, for a few minutes each day.  (If you’re not technologically challenged like me, you can do most or all of it on your I-phone; you can listen to the devos and save the material that grabs your attention from the written version. Wow!)

Oh, and by the way, if you’re having some kind of trouble, and you need to talk to God about that, this is a perfect time to do that too.  Seems like God lets you feel His Presence in an exceptional way when you’re truly seeking His Face, and you ask for help.  And something else, while you’re sitting there thinking about what God is telling you, through those verses and devotionals, you will often think about what happened to you in the last day or two, about how God is moving in your life; and you’ll begin to see how the verses at hand apply to your own life; and you get this sense of what a true pleasure it is to have a close, personal relationship with God.  Yes, with the Creator of the Universe, Who has chosen to come to dwell in your own personal heart.  Whoa baby!


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