aerial view of family eating pizza at homeThere are a lot of “small” groups in the world, where people get together on a regular basis.  I’ve been a member of a number of them, such as a foursome for playing golf every week.  You get  to know the guys.  You enjoy their company.  You tell jokes.  You catch up on what’s happening in their world, how they’re getting along with their wives and their kids, their bosses and their employees.  In a lot of cases you are closer to them than some members of their own families. And you have the benefit of a little fresh air and a little exercise. (very little) Maybe you have a beer in the 19th hole.

My mother had a long-standing relationship with a bunch of girls she formerly taught school with.  They’d get together and play bridge every week.  None of them were championship bridge players, but that wasn’t the point.  The reason they got together was to share their lives with each other. When they were down they could call each other on the phone and get a little encouragement.  When they were up they could have a special meeting to celebrate.  You know it’s a great thing to have a husband and some kids to share your life with, but the girls in the bridge club are an indispensible part of a full life too.  There’s just some things you can’t, or don’t want to, share with your husband.  LOL

Small groups for Jesus are a lot like that.  It’s people you trust.  It’s people you can really open up with, be vulnerable with.  It’s people you can confess your deepest concerns with and know that they’re not going to tell anyone; they’re not even going to make you feel worse than you already do about what has happened, about whatever dumb thing it was you did this time.  They’re going to support you, and comfort you; maybe give you a little advice; maybe just cry with you.

But the really great thing about small groups for Jesus is that He’s there with you.  When you’ve got a real problem that needs immediate attention, you can pray.  You can tell a little story about what miracle God did for you just this week (and nobody will think you’ve lost your mind!)  You can share a blog you read, or a video you saw, and you all share the Presence of God’s Spirit at the same time.  You can all surrender yourselves together as you walk with Jesus.  Let me tell you, you just can’t beat it!


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