summer landscape. mountain path through the field turns uphill to the sky at sunsetBefore I start this post, I have to tell you it only took me about forty years to reach the point of actually ‘going on with God’.  I knew about God, I even ‘knew’ God, when I was about ten years old; but I didn’t really start to ‘go on with God’, to really follow Him with all my heart, till I was about fifty.  Oh, I had several ‘close encounters of a spiritual kind’ with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit during that forty years, but I was living a divided life, trying to ‘make it in the world’, while maintaining a relationship with God.  Let me tell you, I’m living proof that you can’t serve  two masters.

I thought about calling this post ‘Practicing Christian 4’, or maybe ‘Making Disciples 4’.  In any event, the question for the day is, “What do you do now? After 1 you’ve made a genuine commitment to Jesus; 2 you have a daily quiet time where you read a little Bible, read a little devotional, you talk to God, and you listen to Him; 3 you have a relationship with a Christian mentor; 4 and you’re involved in a small group.  It’s a good start.  So where do you go from here?

Well, let me ask you another question: “What does God have in mind for you to do for the rest of your life, considering you’ve started this relationship with Him?”  Do you think you’re going to have to grow and develop in this relationship with Jesus because He has things He wants you to do for Him? Very likely, you are already on your way in growth and development; you’ve already begun to tell what you’ve seen and heard and experienced; God may already be sending you people to talk to about Him.  Who knows, you may already be turning into the teacher, or preacher, or intercessor, or healer, or pastor, or shepherd that God wants you to be.  It may be one of those situations where you just can’t help but tell what is going on inside you by God’s own Spirit.

All I’ve got to say is “Keep Focusing on God”, and making Jesus the Lord of your life.  God is definitely moving.  Be ready!  Be alert for the opportunities He sends you to learn and to serve, to trust and obey, as he puts new people in your life to develop relationships with.

PS I don’t care how old you are chronologically.  If you’re having these stirrings in your heart, and revelations in your  mind about God and about what He wants you to do, today, right now, just step up and answer the callYou’ll be truly astonished at what happens.


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