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I’m convinced that the Bible is inspired by God.  It is (and was) inspired by God when he directed the original writers in writing it down; it was (and is) inspired by God when the scholars and theologians were (and are) translating it into different languages; and it is inspired by God when each individual person reads it, her mind and heart are opened to show her the meaning, just for her, in that particular time and place.  It is so inspired that when we read a passage another time, we often get a different finely tuned message.  Makes me grin.

1] www.biblegateway.com is a website that has a tremendous amount of information about the Bible that is easily accessible, user friendly, and welcoming, no matter what your Christian persuasion.  It has translations of the Bible in 64 different languages, including every major language, many of those in a number of different translations.  English has 54 translations and Spanish has 18.  I recommend “BibleGateway” highly.  I find that when I compare different translations I am better able to understand what a particular verse or passage is saying.  Try it.  You’ll be amazed!

2] There is even one translation, called the “Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament” which shows the New Testament in English, and the translation into New Testament Greek.  If you click on a particular word in the passage, in the margin it shows you the Greek word (in Greek) with a detailed translation (in English), with references to all the places that word appears in the New Testament, so you can compare different shades of meaning for different verses, and learn even more.  Wow!  Way cool.

3] I haven’t researched it yet in Spanish, but in English there are online resources for study Bibles (14), Biblical commentaries (10), Bible dictionaries (6), and even two (2) Bible encyclo-pedias.  Many of those resources are free.  This is especially informative if you’re looking for an explanation about a particular story, or historic context, or underlying Biblical points.

4] All these functions and many more are available on your iPhone or other internet device. So you can look up references and Bible passages while you’re listening to a sermon or talk or Bible study group to allow you to contribute to your own knowledge, and to the benefit of those around you.  (It may sound silly; but sometime you hit on something, because it is so easy and handy, that it makes me think it really is inspired by God.  What a novel concept!)

5] Besides all that you can search for passages in the Bible, when you only know a few words, or just an idea of what it’s about.  They have “Passage Lookup”, “Keyword Search”, and “Topical Index”.  And for further growth in your relationship with God, they have daily devotionals, Bible reading plans, newsletters and more.  BibleGateway is a Christian, mission centered enterprise, focused on making Scripture freely available on the Web in multiple languages and translations. You can find its “Statement of Faith” on the website.


POLITICAL POLICY (Maybe Philosophy). 041316


“I believe in the wisdom of the Common Man and the ultimate honesty of the Free Enterprise System; tempered with brotherly love.”  Tex 110595; With respects to Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson and Jesus of Nazareth.

When I think about America, I think America was and is the first great hope of freedom in the history of mankind.  When I think that regular folks toiled under the tyranny of dictators and kings for tens of thousands of years and only just now, in the last few seconds of time (relatively speaking), have regular men and women been granted the freedom to make up their own minds about how they would live, what God they would worship, and how they’d make a living, I marvel.  Forever, before America, nobody thought the common man had enough sense to come in out of the rain, much less to govern his own life.  Well, he does.  Representative democracy works.  Moderately tempered laissez faire capitalism works.  (Yeah, I know that’s an oxymoron, but it’s right anyway.)

Before America, no small guy had a chance unless he sucked up to the big boys.  Now, if he works hard, and smart, and takes care of the ones he came with, he will do well.  And if he doesn’t like the situation, he can go down the road and start over; and still make it.  America is almost supernatural.  Don’t forget it.  Don’t badmouth what America means in human history.  It’s OK to cuss the players, but don’t cuss the system.  It works.

By the way, so you’ll know.  Economic freedom is tied to political freedom.  If the government can tell you how to spend or not spend your money, it can tell you how to vote.  Political freedom with socialism is no freedom at all.  If the government controls the economy to any substantive degree, you are NOT free.  What does this have to do with God?  He put us here, and He is going to let us stay as long as it suits Him.  We would do well to follow the admonition in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal their land.”