GOD’S GRACE.033115

Miracles HappenHere I am.  66.  Married to a good wife with three grown children and six grandchildren; and a 16 yr old son at home. I’m still working at a ‘real’ job, ‘cause my baby needs shoes.  Really because God wants me to keep on working so I get to talk to people about Him.

Usually I have enough money to pay all my bills with a little left over for a few extras; but every once in a while I get behind and there just isn’t enough money to go around.  Then I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Waiting for the next check to come so I can pay that big bill that the money just won’t stretch over; then waiting again to catch up on those other bills that I put on hold.  You’d think at my age I’d have enough stored up that I wasn’t working and playing catch up all the time.  This is the adventure of living and walking with Jesus.

So last month, I had two big bills that I just couldn’t pay and still pay all the little bills that are always standing in line.  So I pushed the big ones two weeks. When the two weeks was up, I got another check and paid them.  It took almost ALL of that check with only a few hundred left over for expenses for the next two weeks.  I’m feeling the pressure, but I’m still trusting God to get us through.  (But I sure don’t know how).  At the end of the first week, we’re down to nearly nothing, about to roll over onto the ‘overdraft protection’.  It’s Saturday afternoon late, I’m sitting at the kitchen table and my wife is standing at the bar opening the mail, and she says, “Well I just can’t believe this.  The other day I got a notice saying that we had an overage on our escrow, and we’d be getting a refund.  I figured it’d be a few hundred dollars at best, and here’s a check for $1,891.00.”  Wow!  You talk about money from heaven!  That changed the whole complexion of our weekend and our week.  Thank God!

Then, on Tuesday I went to get the mail at my post office box, and I had a letter from someone I hadn’t worked for in years.  The letter said that back when I was working for them I sent a bill for reimbursement of expenses, and they never paid me.  It was from 2009, and the check was for $566.41.  It just made me laugh.  It was like God saying, “Here’s the icing on the cake.”  $2,457.41, that we totally weren’t expecting.  Just makes me grin thinking about it.  And it’s not just about the money.  It’s about God’s timing. He sends you help when you really need it, just to make sure you know how He’s looking out for you.  PRAISE THE LORD!

That’s Grace, God taking care of you when you didn’t deserve it!  Praise the Lord!


1 thought on “GOD’S GRACE.033115

  1. evelyn greenwood

    God is extra good to Tex because He knows it will be used wisely. Any extra, I’ll meet you at Swanney’s


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