drinks, communication, friendship and people concept - happy young women with cups sitting at table and talking in mall or cafeAwhile ago we started talking about what it means to be a “Practicing Christian”.  We suggested that a “Practicing Christian” is one who practices the fundamentals of Christianity, which include focusing on God every day; making Jesus the Lord of your life; having a quiet time which includes reading the Bible and some devotional, praying, meditating and listening to God (every day); and sharing yourself, your life and your knowledge of God with others, through prayer and share, Bible studies, Church and Christian activities (every day).  You notice I’m stuck on the part about ‘every day’.  That’s what Jesus said in Luke 9:23, “If anyone would follow Me [be My disciple, My student, My follower], let him deny himself, take up his cross DAILY, and follow Me.”

So today we’re talking about sharing yourself.  After you’ve spent a little time focusing on God and doing the things that are listed above, you’ll see that your relationship with God is beginning to develop, and without even trying you start feeling the urge to say something to other people about what’s happening to you in your heart.  (It’s that change that the Greeks call metamorphosis, sometimes translated into English as “transformation”.)  It’s the same thing that happens when a caterpillar changes from a worm into a butterfly.  That’s us, when we start to spend time focusing on God.  Paul talks about it Romans 12:2.

It’s like what Peter and John said when they were arrested and taken before the Jewish High Council.  (See Acts Chap 3-4).  The High Priest told them, in no uncertain terms, NOT to talk about Jesus anymore.  Peter and John responded, “We can’t help but tell what we’ve seen and heard.”  You’ll find as you begin to get closer to God, that you just can’t help but tell others the things you’re seeing and hearing, that God is doing in your own personal little heart and life.

So tell them!  This is not just about going to Sunday School and church on Sunday morning; and sitting there and listening while someone else talks about what the Bible means to them.  This is me and you, getting together with people we know and love, really close friends, talking about what God is doing in our own personal lives.  Some people call it ‘Prayer and Share’.  Others call it “Reunion Group’.  You need to do this every week. Not too many people, maybe 3 or 4 or 5.  People you know and trust.  People you can really open up with and tell them the truth about what is going on in your heart.  You tell them and they tell you.  You need to do this at least once a week.  At least an hour, maybe more if you have time.  Everybody gets to talk (maybe not all at the same time), but everybody needs to talk.

This is the best growing and developing time you’ll ever have in your Christian life.  Some people do this while they’re quilting.  Some do it while they’re having breakfast on Wednesday morning.  The more you share yourself and what God is doing in your life, the more God grows in your heart, and the hearts of those you share with.  Once you start doing this, you’ll do it the rest of your life.  You just won’t be able to help it.


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