TOMORROW [a Kairos Talk].051915

[This is an excerpt from a talk on a Kairos Weekend in a prison]

need helpOn this final day we need to look back to where we were on Thursday, and then look at where we are today.  Might say we’ve come a long way. Think back to the first day and the first talk “Choices”.  We said the choices we make effect where we end up in life.  What do we mean when we say life is a journey?  We’re not really talking about going from one place to another on the earth.  We’re talking about in our hearts.

About being in a new place inside. 1] About realizing we’re different, something has happened, something has changed. 2] Feeling different about others. 3] Finding new experiences and new relationships. 4] What are some new things you have experienced these last 3 days?

Another way to say “new” and “different” is CHANGE. Sometimes we change because we make a decision to change; but most of the time change comes because God moves.  A lot of times God moves to save us from ourselves, when we didn’t even want to change, When we didn’t even know what was happening until it was already done.  Red Smith, a brother here in this unit, said in a letter, he said, “Every morning I wake up and thank God that he rescued me from myself.”  Me too!  Sometimes you get this feeling that something is happening in your heart even before you really know what it is.  Have you been getting any feelings?

Matt 17: 1-13 talks about Jesus taking Peter James and John up on a mountain. When they’re nearly to the top, Jesus says, “Wait here;” and He goes on to the top. As Peter, James and John watch, Jesus is surrounded by a blazing light, and then they see Moses and Elijah there with Him. Amazing! Jesus was glorified and they saw it with their own eyes. And they saw Moses and Elijah alive, when they’d been dead for about 1,000 years. ‘Course Peter can’t resist. He says, “Isn’t this great Lord? Let’s build some tents for you and Moses and Elijah, and stay here. We don’t need to go back down the mountain to the cold cruel world.” But in the middle of it, they hear this voice, “This is my beloved Son, hear ye Him!” Then they fall on their faces ’cause they’re scared to death. Everything gets quiet, and when they look up, Moses and Elijah are gone and only Jesus is left, and they have to go back down the mountain, back to their old life, their old world. That’s the problem. This story is not about spending our whole lives with God, Jesus, Moses and Elijah. It’s about going back to talk to people in the world. We’ve changed, but the old world hasn’t.

Our old friends still live in the ways of the world. In the way of power, threats, competition and lies. “Do unto others before they have a chance to do unto you.” As Christians, how can we make it? The only way we can make it is if we turn our whole selves over to Jesus. As we die to ourselves, Jesus comes to live His Life in us. What do you get when you turn your life over to Jesus? You get peace, no more confusion. You get courage, you don’t have to be afraid. You get strength, so you can put up with all the crap you have to go through every day.


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