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5 Keys to Better Relationships With Your Kids: 071416



Listen Love Time Trust and Forgive.

1] Listen: as a parent, spend time just listening to your kids (often, a little every day). Figure ways to get them to open up, and then LISTEN. Tell them a story to get them started.

2] Love: put up with ’em; even when they don’t do exactly what you want; cut ’em a little slack; do something they want to do. Give ’em a hug just for the heck of it.

3] Time: Rick Warren: pastor-author-dad, said, “The best indication of how much you love someone is how much TIME you spend with them.”

4] Trust: Be trustworthy to your kids; if you tell them you’re going to do something to-for-or-with them, do it: hold them in high esteem in your life. Put ’em at the top of your priority list, right up there with your spouse.

5] Forgive: 1 Corinthians 13:5e says, “[Love] will hardly even notice when others do it wrong.” TLB That’s the way we should treat our kids, speaking of forgiveness.


Kairos-A Christian.051415

[This is an excerpt from the Kairos talk “A Christian”]

the Good SamaritanLOVE is about mercy and forgiveness; Mercy is being nice to someone (cuttin’ them a little slack) even when they deserve to be punished.  That’s what God does for us.

Forgiveness is what love is in practice.  It’s what happens when we love people enough to forgive them, even when they are wrong and we’re right; even when no one is looking and it won’t help us a bit.  Forgiveness is the evidence of mercy in our individual personal relationships.

In 1 Corinthians 13:4, it says ‘Love is patient.’  In the King James version of the Bible, and in the original Greek the verse says, “Love suffers long.”  That means if you really love someone, you put up with them.  I’m thinking about my kids when they were teenagers.  It means that you put up with them, even though you’ve told them 15 times what you expect, and they’re still doing it wrong, very likely on purpose and not accidentally.  That’s what it means when it says love suffers long. Continue reading