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Having Trouble? Pray. 031015

3D God Help Us Button Click Here Block TextJames 5:13 (ERV) says, “Are you having troubles? You should pray.  .  “

So first, if you are in trouble, pray. I’m sure you already know that every prayer is an act of faith, an act of trust in God.- It’s a service to God to ask for His help; even when you’re saying, “Help! Please! Right Now! I’ve tried everything else and nothing is working! Continue reading


PRAYER? 021715

Bible Group Praying TogetherPrayer 1] Listen for God. Meditate on His Word. Apply the revelations you get to your life. Prayer 2] Don’t worry.  Give your problems to God; trust Him; get peace. Like Phil. 4:6-7.  Prayer 3] Trouble? Pray.  Sick? Pray for each other so that you may be healed.  God can and will fix it.  Pray together, pray separately, pray for each other, pray for those who depend on you.  Like James 5:13-20.   Continue reading