Having Trouble? Pray. 031015

3D God Help Us Button Click Here Block TextJames 5:13 (ERV) says, “Are you having troubles? You should pray.  .  “

So first, if you are in trouble, pray. I’m sure you already know that every prayer is an act of faith, an act of trust in God.- It’s a service to God to ask for His help; even when you’re saying, “Help! Please! Right Now! I’ve tried everything else and nothing is working! I’m so desperate, this is such a big problem, a big trouble, such an emergency, such a life and death matter, I’m actually praying, begging, for help. And You God are the only One who is remotely capable of helping me. The monsters are fixin’ to get me, and You’re the only One who can save me.” God likes it when you recognize that He can help you, and you’re willing to prove you trust Him by asking for His help.


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